Working Papers

"Liberal Democracy and Education-Based Inequality in the Post-Cold War Era" (with Junyan Jiang) Under Review

"Class Affinity, Mobility Trajectory and Individual’s Subjective Well-being in Taiwan" (with Ka-U Ng) Under Review

“Income Inequality, Sense of Fairness, and Democratic Support: Experimental Evidence”  (with Mathew Wong) Under Review

“Revisiting Collectivism during COVID-19: An East/West Comparison of Vaccination and Compliance Behaviours” (with Edmund Cheng, Richard Walker, and Christine TH Huang) Revise and Resubmit

“Democracy and Security” Under Review

In Progress 

The Super-rich and Democratization (with Mathew Wong)

Housing Price

Sports and Leadership

Female Football Participation (with Lawrence Ho and Andy Chiu)

Place of Origin and Immigrants’ Attitudes (with Ka-U Ng and Wai-In Chow)

Measurement (with Junyan Jiang)